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V-dog Vegan Mini Kibble Dry Dog Food (4.5 LB) Small Breed Dogs | Plant-Based Protein with Added Taurine for Sensitive Stomach and Skin | All Natural Made in US

V-dog Vegan Mini Kibble Dry Dog Food (4.5 LB) Small Breed Dogs | Plant-Based Protein with Added Taurine for Sensitive Stomach and Skin | All Natural Made in US

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About this item

  • MINI KIBBLE DRY: Our pack contains one 4.5 LB bag of vegan dry mini dog food with 100% plant-based nutrients that meet all AAFCO guidelines for small dog nutrition.
  • PREMIUM PLANT-BASED FOOD FOR DOGS: With certified Vegan, plant-based ingredients, V- Dog Vegan mini kibble dry dog food provides natural nutrition to help adult dogs thrive on a meat-free diet. Perfect for dogs sensitive to animal proteins.
  • AAFCO-APPROVED: Our nutritional dog food is free of animal products, fillers, corn, soy, and wheat, which makes our hypoallergenic formula great for dogs with sensitive stomachs and itchy skin. Cruelty-free, good for the planet, and healthy for all dog breeds, it's one of the premium quality dog food in the market.
  • ALLERGY FREE: Animal Products, Wheat, Corn, Soy, Dairy, Factory Farming, By Products, Fake Stuff, and 0 percent fillers means all of our high-quality ingredients have a purpose. 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition to help support lifelong whole-body health
  • ENERGY FOR AN ACTIVE LIFE: Any small size dog can enjoy our delicious recipes. Our vegan ingredients are not specially a good treat for dogs with sensitive stomachs, irritable skin or allergies. With V-dog you can be worry free for your little one's health.

Packing 24% protein, v-dog's kind kibble is formulated by experts in animal nutrition to meet all guidelines for AAFCO adult dog nutrition. V-dog kind kibble contains the perfect balance of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals your dog needs to thrive, without any corn, soy, or wheat, making it excellent for sensitive, itchy, and allergy-prone dogs. Here at v-dog, we’re vegans, and we love dogs of all shapes, sizes, and scruffiness. In fact, we love all animals. . . cows, pigs, chickens, you name it! That's why we're passionate about making a difference through our 100% plant-powered products. Our biggest commitment is to the health of your fur baby, and we’ve certainly done our research. Dogs are omnivores and can thrive on a nutritionally-complete, plant-based diet like v-dog. Plus, a vegan dog, just like a vegan human, leaves a much smaller paw print on our planet. Yummy, healthy, cruelty-free dog food? High-fives (and paws) all around! Every dog is unique, so their appetites can vary depending on their age, lifestyle, and activity level. No one knows your pooch better than you! To get your dog started, mix 1/3 v-dog to 2/3 of your current food and gradually transition to 100% v-dog over a 5- to 10-day period. We recommend two daily feedings. If your dog prefers, you can add a little water to soften the kibble. Be sure to always have a clean bowl of water available.

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