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SlimFast Rich Chocolate Royale Ready To Drink Shakes, 20 Count

SlimFast Rich Chocolate Royale Ready To Drink Shakes, 20 Count

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About this item

  • Pack of 20, 10-ounce convenient, re-sealable bottles of Slimfast 3 2 1 Plan Shakes
  • 180 to 190 calories for each ready-to-drink shake
  • Up to 4 hours of hunger control with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber per bottle
  • One-Third of your recommended intake for most essential vitamins and minerals
  • For use as part of the Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Plan

Product Description

Shake things up with any with our best tasting shakes ever now in a convenient new bottle! Flavors include rich chocolate, sweet vanilla, creamy strawberry and delightful cappuccino. At 180 or 190 calories per serving, slim-fast! Shakes give you about a third of your recommended daily intake for most essential vitamins and minerals. And shakes are great meal replacement picks in the slim-fast! 3-2-1 plan.

From the Manufacturer

Slimming Down Made Easy

Whether you are looking to lose those last two pounds, or just starting on your weight loss journey, SlimFast is here to help. With a wide variety of products and tasty flavors, SlimFast will help you reach your weight loss goals*.

Fill up on delicious taste AND compliments

  • Shakes: Satisfy your sweet tooth with a shake on the go. Indulge in our delicious and flavorful shakes to fill up and slim down. Flavors from creamy milk chocolate to fruity strawberry are loaded with 10-15g of protein and 5g of fiber per servingso you can satisfy your hunger for up to 4 hours.
  • Shake Mixes: Blend your own delectable shake. Combine our sweet and tasty mixes with eight fluid ounces of fat-free milk to create your own delicious shake packed with 10-15 grams of protein and five grams of fiber per serving. From creamy vanilla to chocolate and strawberry flavors, you can control your hunger for up to four hours.
  • Meal Bars: Easy on-the-go meal that has the protein, vitamins and minerals you need. With 10 grams of protein and five grams of fiber per serving, you can fill up while settling those unwanted cravings. From decadent rich chocolate to sweet fruit and yogurt flavors, you can deliciously keep your hunger satisfied for up to four hours.
  • Snack Bars: Give into your cravings, without the guilt. Treat yourself right with our delicious and satisfying 100 calorie snack bars. From Double-Dutch Chocolate to Peanut Butter Crunch Time flavors, you’ll be sure to find your new favorite secret indulgence.
  • Snack Bites: Enjoy every delicious bite of crunchy satisfaction. Our new flavorful snack bites not only taste great, but contain three grams of fiber and nine essential vitamins and minerals per serving. With 100 calories per pack, from Nacho Cheese to Cinnamon Spice flavors, you can enjoy eating yourself slim.

Need More Guidance?

No problem, we’ve got the tools to keep you on track and lose the weight. Our 3-2-1 plan is flexible, so you can get the structure you need with the variety you crave. To follow the plan:

  • Pick 3: 100 calorie snacks a day (Snack Bars, Fruit, Nuts, Yogurt)
  • Choose 2: SlimFast shakes or meal bars
  • Enjoy 1: 500-calorie meal per day.

Don’t know what recipes have 500 calories, no worry, we have delicious recipes on for your convenience.

On top of this you can reach out to Ali Auerbach, M.S., R.D., our Slim-Fast Registered Dietitian. Ali is a nutrition and weight loss expert here to help you lose weight the healthy way.

*Losing more than two pounds per week is not recommended. Follow the Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Plan and include regular exercise.

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