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Rockler Rubber Bench Mat, 2' x 5'

Rockler Rubber Bench Mat, 2' x 5'

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Protect your work, your benchtop and your expensive tools with this slip-resistant rubber mat. Made from non-foamed rubber, it provides just enough tack to keep your work from sliding around and getting scratched. It also helps to prevent your tools from getting knocked off the bench, and helps cushion the cutting edges. If you wish, you can cut the mat to size, or sub-divide it, and you can even glue pieces to a scrap of plywood for a permanent padded workspace, or use it to line your vise jaws. At 1/8'' thick, it can be easily rolled up for storage. Features: Protects your workpiece and your tools from impact and abrasionHeavy-duty non-foamed SBR & EPDM rubberExcellent shock absorption and anti-skid performanceUse it on your bench top, then roll it up for easy storageCan also be glued down for a permanent padded work spacePortable and easy to clean Note: NOT impervious to liquids.

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