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POWERTEC 71102-P2 Wood Flooring Strap Clamp w/ 13 Foot Nylon Strap, 2 PK

POWERTEC 71102-P2 Wood Flooring Strap Clamp w/ 13 Foot Nylon Strap, 2 PK

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  • INCLUDES: (2) Floor Strap Clamp
  • APPLICATIONS: Simplifies and expedites the flawless installation of laminate wood planks, tongue & groove and/or hardwood flooring materials
  • FEATURES: Professional lightweight design, removable clamp plates, and a quick release lever to help prevent a messy work area with strap everywhere
  • CAPACITY: Offers an impressive 220 lbs of superior clamping force for a variety of lite to heavy duty flooring projects with glue or adhesive set ups
  • PREMIUM BUILD: Features a high quality construction of both, anti-rust galvanized metal components and a rugged 1” wide by 157” nylon strap for extra long coverage and long term durability
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Introducing the Flooring Strap Clamps by POWERTEC.

These must-have strapping clamps were primarily designed to allow the floor to stay tight while your adhesive is setting up, simplifying the installation of flooring materials. Featuring a simplistic design – this item functions primarily as a ratchet clamp tightening your flooring together, pulling and holding the pressure on the materials joints. The clamp's tight grip holds work material securely in place while the floor covering is in the process of being nailed or glued down.

This convenient tool supplies the clamping pressure, to take the pressure off of you.

Versatile Design
It's ideal for laying parquet, laminate planks, floating hardwood, or tongue and groove flooring. It can also be used for float engineered flooring or gluing down solids to concrete, along with a wide variety of woodworking applications such as framing. Additionally, when you remove the clamp plates, this item can be used in lashing-strap install applications.

Premium Build
This flooring clamp possesses a heavy duty galvanized metal construction – offering a rust free and corrosion resistant housing. It's perfectly paired with a 1" wide nylon strap that not only extends to over 13 feet (157 inches), giving you extended coverage for larger work surfaces – but flaunts an impressive clamping force of up to 220 lbs for heavy duty projects.

Whether you're a professional or DIY enthusiast, this clamping strap provides a quick and hassle free set-up. Simply attache the clamp to the base and last row of flooring. Use the expandable strap as you lay each row of material. A failsafe thumb gap-setting screw insures impeccable, uniform results at your floor surface's outer edges.

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