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MYTEC Bench Vise or Table Vise, multifunctional jaw, multi-functional Combined Vise with Quick Adjustment, Universal Rotate 360° Work Clamp-On Vise, 3.3" blue

MYTEC Bench Vise or Table Vise, multifunctional jaw, multi-functional Combined Vise with Quick Adjustment, Universal Rotate 360° Work Clamp-On Vise, 3.3" blue

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  • POWERFUL AND RICH JAW CONFIGURATIONS: The extra multi-functional jaws add 10 screw holes and 4 clamping posts to help you handle delicate irregularities easily. Two jaw washers are used for protection of the parts of golf clubs, watches, jewelry and other valuables without damage. High quality and strong steel jaws for common use are widely applied to woodworking, metalworking, cutting conduit, drilling, gluing, sanding, planning, sawing and so on.
  • ONE-CLICK POSITION : Press on the quick release button, and push the jaws together to be quick position and clamp, no need to turn the screw to move slowly. Don’t worry about machine accuracy deviation! The product adds the locking function, you can use safely, don't have to worry about the sliding jaws on the threaded spindle fall off.
  • DUAL-PURPOSE COMBINATION : This vise can be screwed firmly to the workbench or table with screws, it can also be conveniently clamped on the workbench as well. Base clamping range increases to 4 inch(100mm) , suitable for workbenches of various thicknesses, which is designed for home, workshop, professional use, general purpose and light work
  • 360° ROTATION : This vise can fix a variety of parts?O-shape Swivel base allows vise rotating up to 360-Degree, even if you are left-handed, you can rotate the vise to the position that fits for your work;
  • COMMON TABLE VISE : Net weight is 5 pounds. Maximum opening of jaw is up to 2.44 inches, and jaw width is 3.3 inches. It is made of high-grade cast steel. The surface is sprayed to enhance corrosion-resistance and to make it more smooth. The jaw is hardened and hammered to increase its hardness and strength, which provides long-lasting durability and reliable grip.
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Style: 3.3 Inch Multifunctional Table ViseThis versatile bench vise has several upgrades and a wide range of jaw configurations for general and light work.Special screw groove design makes quick position and clamp possible by pressing the quick release button. There is no need to turn the screw to move slowly, which greatly improves work efficiencyIt can attach to 4 inches thick tables to work almost anywhere.The vise can be rotated up to 360-Degree on its base for work positioning.The jaw of the bench clamp is made by quenching and re-fires technology, which increases the hardness and toughness of the jaw and makes it durable.This versatile bench vise will do most of your work. So what are you waiting for? Try it out!Tip:Adding some oil to the screw before use ensures that the movement of the jaws is more flexible and stable.When using the rotating handle to fix the vise, the tightness of the jam nut can be adjusted to achieve a good working condition, if the tension is too tight or too flexible.The magnetic adsorption design in the multi-function jaw is only suitable for use when you are not working with the clamping column at the same time or operate lighter work, otherwise you need to firmly install the multi-function jaw with fixing screws before use.100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GURANTEED: our dedicated customer service team is available to answer any questions. We promise that if you have any dissatisfaction with this product, you can have the refund or exchange service at any time without any reason. We will provide you with a satisfactory solution. CONTACT US ANYTIME!!

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