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Grandeur Avenue New York

Grandeur Avenue New York

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About this item

  • Avenue New York Eau de Parfum by Grandeur
  • Fragrance concentration: eau_de_parfum
  • Item form: Liquid
  • Scent: fruity, floral, and woody
  • Special feature: Long Lasting

Avenue New York for Men by Grandeur Eau de Parfum—an embodiment of urban sophistication and masculine allure. The fragrance begins with a burst of invigorating Bergamot and the refined warmth of Coriander, setting the stage for an exhilarating olfactory journey. At its heart, a bouquet of Fresh Florals adds a touch of modern elegance, seamlessly transitioning to the contemporary notes of Ambroxan and the crisp sweetness of Pomme. These elements mirror the dynamic energy of the city streets, capturing the essence of the urban experience. As the fragrance matures, a creamy interplay of Vanilla and the grounding presence of Dry Wood unfold, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with timeless masculinity. The comforting embrace of Tonka Bean adds depth and richness to the composition, culminating in the warm and lingering trail of Grey Amber. Avenue New York for Men is more than a scent; it is a statement—a testament to the cosmopolitan spirit and sophistication of the modern man. Immerse yourself in the essence of New York's grandeur with each confidently applied spritz of this captivating Eau de Parfum.

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