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Eukanuba Senior Medium Breed Dry Dog Food, 15 lb

Eukanuba Senior Medium Breed Dry Dog Food, 15 lb

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  • FOR MEDIUM BREED SENIOR DOGS: Eukanuba Senior Medium Breed Dry Dog Food is complete and balanced nutrition for senior dogs over 7 years old weighing between 24 and 54 lb
  • MUSCLE & JOINT SUPPORT: Chondroitin sulfate and 50% more glucosamine (vs. Eukanuba Adult Medium Breed Dry Dog Food) helps keep joints mobile and supports lean muscles in active senior dogs
  • HEALTHY BRAIN FUNCTION: DHA and antioxidants support healthy brain function in senior dogs
  • SUPPORTS ACTIVE DOGS: Optimal levels of fats and carbohydrates fuel your active senior dog’s daily activity levels
  • MAINTAINS NATURAL DEFENSES: Guaranteed antioxidant levels for older dogs help maintain your dog’s natural defenses

Your medium-sized dog is up for anything, from running to hiking to fetching, and it’ll take more than age to slow them down. Power their active lifestyle with Eukanuba Senior Medium Breed Dry Dog Food, a diet created specifically for your aging dog’s body, mind, and energy. High-quality chicken is always the first ingredient, because your lively senior deserves high-quality protein. Help keep your senior dog’s joints and muscles limber with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, and help them stay sharp with DHA and antioxidants to support healthy brain function. This senior dog food diet is formulated with optimal amount of fats and carbohydrates to help maintain your older dog’s energy levels. Eukanuba 3D DentaDefense supports dog dental care by reducing tartar buildup to keep their teeth and gums healthy. This diet also provides immune system support to help strengthen your dog's natural defenses. Pair it with Eukanuba Adult Wet Dog Food for the perfect complement to your active dog’s diet. Your hardworking dog is no ordinary senior, so feed them Eukanuba Senior Medium Breed Dry Dog Food and make their golden years the start of an extraordinary new adventure, satisfaction guaranteed.

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